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Michael L. Waterman

Fire Administrator / Chief

Chief Administrator Waterman is a second generation firefighter.  Chief Waterman’s father (William) was a firefighter (Captain) with the Beecher Fire district for over forty years.  Chief Waterman decided to follow in his father’s footsteps as a young child.  Chief Waterman began his career in late 1985 with the Beecher Fire District retiring from Beecher as a Captain in 2011.  Chief Waterman also spent a long career with the Crete Township Fire District for a little over 20 years as a firefighter / paramedic.

In early 2017 Chief Waterman began his career as Chief for the Village of Crete.  In his nearly 3 years in Crete so far the chief was facing the closure of St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights.  The chief along with assistance from the village were able to increase staffing with 24 hour coverage at both station 1 and station 2.  The fire department has also been able to purchase a new ambulance and receive many small grants for ALS equipment, fire inspections and for small equipment.

The chief has been a certified firefighter since 1987, a certified paramedic for well over 20 years.  The chief received his college degree with the Kankakee Community College along with many other certificates from the Illinois State Fire Marshal and outside classes.

The chief has been in the fire service for 35 years and he feels he has many years left to devote to the Village of Crete and to the fire service.