Staff Directory

Police Department


1370 Benton Street
Crete, IL 60417

(708) 672-0911

Name Title Email Phone
Paoletti, James M. Chief of Police (708) 672-0912
Enochs, John Sgt.    
Iozzo, William Sgt.    
Buzan, Michael Officer    
Pieritz, Scott Deputy Chief of Police 708-672-0911
Garcia, Juan Sgt.    
Taylor, Aldon Officer    
Rodd, Joseph Officer    
Groszek, Adam Sgt.    
Rarity, Michael Officer    
Reiff, Robert Part-Time Officer    
Cornejo, Carlos Part-Time Officer    
VanDeraa, Paul Administrative Assistant/ Police Administrator (708) 672-0912
Braccio, Marty Code Enforcement Supervisor / EMA Director (708) 672-5431
Young, Christopher Officer    
Fair, James Part -Time Officer    
Hunt, Richard Part -Time Officer    
Paoletti , Gracyceanne Part -Time Officer    
Hoernig, Patrick Officer    
Allison, Ryan Code Enforcement Officer/Animal Control 708-672-5431